Inclement weather, lack of maintenance, broken pipes. When water damage occurs or is discovered, the result can be a mess.  BES can respond to most water intrusion issues quickly and efficiently and teams with other specialty contractors to ensure that the issue can be handled in turn key fashion without the client have to juggle multiple contractors.  We utilize trained labor, industry technology and remediation equipment to take care of your emergency or your planned maintenance and renovation project.

Industrial Cleaning/Construction Cleaning

Lead in paint is not a new issue.  However, many don’t know or haven’t had to deal with the rules and regulations revolving around performing demolition or renovation projects where lead based paint has been used. Whether its stabilization, encapsulation or a full removal that is needed, we can guide you to the proper removal and remediation decision.  With trained workers and a good understanding of the OSHA and EPA regulations concerning lead based paint, we can get the remediation and disposal handled so you remain in compliance.



There a multitude of jobs that business owners do not want to tackle because of time, lack of labor or the job requires a special skill set.  Industrial and commercial business run into these tasks all the time.  Whether its cleaning industrial equipment or process lines or getting rid of some unwanted debris or equipment, BES has the personnel for the project.


Data Center Cleaning

Underground storage tank removal, contaminated soil remediation, lab packing and hazardous materials disposal, resonse to chemical, biological and bloodborne pathogen clean-up.  These are only a few of the services provided through our Hazardous Materials Services. With access to heavy equipment, properly trained personnel and a thorogh knowledge of the regulatory climate BES can help you with your hazardous materials collection and remediation needs.

Builders Enviro Services, Inc. (BES) performs asbestos maintenance and remediation for residential, commercial, institutional, mining and military clients. BES uses AHERA trained supervisors and laborers, most with many years of real world asbestos abatement experience. BES performs work in accordance with Federal, State and Local regulations regarding the handling and disposal of asbestos containing materials and works with consultants and other contractors to carry out projects in accordance with specific project specifications where applicable.  BES has a network of subcontractors to help Clients with turn key projects that may require demolition or put back as a part of the scope of work. All asbestos waste is sealed in leak tight containers and taken to landfills that accept asbestos waste.  A copy of the manifest is provided once the project is complete.

Hazardous Materials Remediation​


Data centers and computer rooms and floors are sensitive areas and require frequent periodic cleaning to keep equipment and connections running at optimum efficiency.  Ignoring these cleaning cycles can lead to disaster.  These periodic cleaning projects require specialized equipment, materials and handling to ensure that connections aren't interrupted and that equipment is not damaged.  BES has the personnel and equipment to provide these cleaning services.  With the help of third party consultants to ensure that work is being performed properly and completely, BES can conduct your periodic cleaning on your schedule to keep you up and running.